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Unknown Germany pt. CCLXXI by TheChosenPesssimist Unknown Germany pt. CCLXXI :iconthechosenpesssimist:TheChosenPesssimist 276 15 Mama Tigress and her Cubs by JessieDrawz Mama Tigress and her Cubs :iconjessiedrawz:JessieDrawz 1,207 55 Military uniform by Iardacil Military uniform :iconiardacil:Iardacil 147 19 Through The Valley Of Death by JayGraphixx Through The Valley Of Death :iconjaygraphixx:JayGraphixx 596 201 *** by annieparfi *** :iconannieparfi:annieparfi 441 26
Love through a Veil
As it turns out, some people end up with jobs in the afterlife. Mine happens to be guiding tours around an old ghost town, which is probably the best job ever for an actual ghost. See, nobody minds if I haunt the place a little when business gets real slow. Saloon doors, swinging in an absent breeze, or old stairs creaking on their own under slim silver moonlight? It’s a ghost town. That’s all part of the atmosphere, and the tourists have learned to expect a few hauntings. I like it most when scared kids have dared each other to sneak around after hours. All I have to do is slam a door shut or rock an empty rocking chair and they’re gone like their mothers caught them out past bedtime. It makes the security guy’s job about ten times easier, and it’s good for business if they go home with a ghost story of their own.
I meet some pretty cool tourists, too. As long as I don’t brush my fingers against theirs, they don’t suspect I’m anything ot
:iconbornwiththesun:BornWithTheSun 69 57
Unknown Germany pt. CCLXX by TheChosenPesssimist Unknown Germany pt. CCLXX :iconthechosenpesssimist:TheChosenPesssimist 227 12
Mature content
Restart [2p!France x Reader x France] [Part Six] :icontheonewiththeideas:TheOneWithTheIdeas 17 10
When You're Strong (ItalyxReader)

The problem with being the strong one is that no one ever offers you a hand. —C.W.
    Humming as you bustled around your kitchen preparing the ingredients for the Italian feast the two Italian brothers coming over later were sure to want. A smile curved your lips up at the memory of the last time your two best friends had come over; after an amazing dinner (prepared by Feli and Lovi, of course), the three of you had settled down to watch an Italian movie that they had brought over. Halfway into the movie, you had accidentally smacked the back of Lovi’s head with a pillow; he retaliated, starting a pillow fight that had ended in them just crashing at your house after the fun.
    As you took out a large pot to boil water in, the doorbell rang insistently, the rapid-fire chimes pealing through your house. You set the pot on the counter and rushed over to your door with a touch of annoyance, wondering who could be callin
:iconprincessautumnarcher:PrincessAutumnArcher 45 57
A petal fell to the floor, silently drifting along with no cares in the world unlike the bearer of the rose itself. A blonde Frenchman stood alone on the cobblestone streets holding a single rose in his hand. A strong gust blew yet another petal off of the flower, letting it drift down to accompany the other. In the town square stood the remains of a large fire, a fire that Francis would never, could never, forget. The square that had been swarming with people only a few hours ago was now deserted, but one could still find hints of their being there. Discarded wrappers, footprints, and scorch marks littered the stone floors of the city. Francis Bonnefoy took shaky steps towards the city square. The echo of his shoes tapping the pavement could be heard for a while around, but no one dared make a sound. Soon the man reached the pile of ash and felt a minor heat radiate from it. It seemed to take forever for her to burn, for the screaming to stop, and he did nothing.
"Forgive me." The man
:icondriftingnotes:Driftingnotes 3 2
| She Will Be Loved | ~ France x Reader
“He was always there to help her; she always belonged to someone else.” 
“He loves me, he loves me not…” You plucked one petal off the red rose with each sentence, “…He loves me, he loves me not…” Only a few left. The setting sun cast a golden glow upon the crimson flowers, giving them a heavenly look. What better way to pass time than playing an old childhood game in a rose garden at sunset? It helped soothe your aching heart.
For only being eighteen, you’ve had your fair share of heartbreaks. Well… you couldn’t help it. After all, it was never your fault, exactly… Or at least that’s what you liked to think.
It wasn’t like you went after every guy, but the fact that none of your relationships had ever worked out. You were always the one getting dumped; never the other way around. And lately, all guys seemed to reject you.
It was very discouraging, especially for a young
:iconxyourhero:xYourHero 355 199
You Warm My Heart - Russia x Tourist!Reader
To visit Russia was something you’d wanted to do for a long time. Everything about the country intrigued you, from the beautiful architecture to the bloody history.
Now, you were finally getting that chance.
With a sigh of relief you set down your suitcase in the thankfully warm hotel room you’d booked. Russia was certainly your favourite country (perhaps second to your own - patriotism for the win) but it was really cold.
You had, of course, gone straight into the heart of the northern country: Moscow. As nice as St.Petersburg had sounded, you’d wanted to experience popular places like the Kremlin and Red Square up close.
Sitting on the bed, you walked over to the window and flung open the curtains with a smile. Where should you go first? What type of people would you meet? It was all very exciting.
The room you had been given was one on the higher floors, giving you a perfect view of the snow coated houses and pavements of the city. Tall people dressed in snu
:iconkaijinkyn:KaijinKyn 272 108
TurkeyxReader~The Legend of Citaqua~Ch 23
~The Legend of Citaqua~ Ch 23
“H-How did you…?”
Kiku placed a finger of over your lips to hush you.
“Not here,” he whispered.
Your chest tightened. Morra. Kiku knew about it, too. So it wasn’t just some ludicrous myth that Heracles had made up back at Issao. This part of the legend of Citaqua—or rather, its history—was being confirmed.
While trying to let this new realization settle in, Kiku led you to one of the sides far underneath the stairs that led to the tallest point in Caliger. It was here, he had briefly explained, that the monks slept. Compared to the sun-streaked skies parched with nothing but the frequent gust of sand blowing in from the Sandsea, the residential quarters in Caliger were dark, damp, and cool. It could have been due in part to the high elevation and ice reserves inside the mountain, you thought.
At last, the two of you had snuck into a confined room, barely larger than the size of Sadık’s bed back at
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 75 90
Commish:Adachi's Yogurt Night by doubleleaf Commish:Adachi's Yogurt Night :icondoubleleaf:doubleleaf 1,862 199 Hetalia: Turkey by Sir-Dance-A-Lot Hetalia: Turkey :iconsir-dance-a-lot:Sir-Dance-A-Lot 7 20 that mysterious dude by SPINNY-chair-HERO that mysterious dude :iconspinny-chair-hero:SPINNY-chair-HERO 109 15

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